About Us

Gerry Taylor Wood and Richard De Welles, Grail HavenGrail Haven was established in 1995 on Mount Tamborine in Queensland, Australia.

Geraldine was guided to Grail Haven after experiencing a life changing vision at the Little St Michael’s retreat house,  Chalice Well, Glastonbury in Somerset, UK.  Major Wellesley Tudor Pole appeared to her in spirit form addressing her as ‘Daughter of the well’.  He then telepathically conveyed to her a message.  She was to go to Australia to find a well with unique properties, a sacred well, and then to ‘get the waters to the people’.  To this present day the water from the springs has been hand bottled by Richard and Geraldine with loving volunteers and sent all around the world.

Grail Haven’s land is ‘One Sacred Acre’, with a house and beautiful gardens.  As time went on Geraldine experienced another vision – this time of Archangel Michael instructing her to travel to the Michael ley line in England.  This was to become the ‘Sacred Sites Tour’.  Every year since the vision Geraldine and Richard have taken groups to the many sacred sites of Britian and Europe including the most important sites attributed to Archangel Michael.

The years passed again and in 2006 she met with Beings who instructed her to work with the plant and flower Devas of the garden.  This resulted in Geraldine ‘seeing’ of Devas (Sanskrit for Shining Ones), and subsequently a set of thirty-eight flower essences were birthed.

**For the full story please see the book “Grail Haven – The Journey to a Sacred Well”.

Who is Gerry Taylor-Wood

Born Geraldine Johns in 1947 her journey began as a child deeply committed to the Christ with a longing to become a nun.  After a major illness at 26 years old she became a yoga student, which saved her life and for thirty years she taught yoga.  In the eighties she studied Jungian psychology and astrology and had her own practise in London and Sydney, Australia.  Her life’s work has been to quest in the religious, philosophical and mystical.

Geraldine has been interviewed on T.V., and radio about her work, with many published articles and two books. She has also lectured internationally at major conferences.

Her commitment is to provide centres of light and healing to support and further education of esoteric knowledge and studies both in Australia and France.

About Richard Michael De Welles

Richard De Welles studied fine art at the Universities of Kent, London and Liverpool before he began his work for twelve years in a therapeutic unit for extremely disturbed adolescents.

Richard’s life long interest in geology led him to train in crystal healing in Hawaii.  He has practised the art of crystal healing for over twenty five years.

A dowser, artist, teacher, counsellor and conservator who with Geraldine has led over twenty group sacred site pilgrimages across Europe and to the Holy Lands.

He is the co-founder of the Grail Haven Healing Sanctuary.