Projects on-going

We have compiled a brief list of major tasks we are working on, to give volunteers an idea of the tasks at hand:

Barn 1

Currently the main kitchen/dining area, which will convert into a lounge/dining area and possible workshop space. Jobs to be completed:
  • Flooring - currently a very uneven barn flooring, raised flooring to be installed
  • Wall insulation panels (French law requires all exterior walls have extra insulation, added to our metre thick stone walls...)
  • Install French doors to an open kitchen on side patio, which will also be an outdoor eating area.

  • Finishing work required in upstairs bedrooms and en suite bathrooms
  • Window to be installed in one bedroom

Barn 2

This space will be a communal kitchen, with doors linking to barns either side. Cuvee (wine storage tank) to be converted to house white goods.


Convert the upstairs of barn 2 into two bedrooms with a shared bathroom.

    Jobs include:
  • Wall insulation
  • Pointing to internal walls
  • Window to be installed (green door in image, this will also provide disabled access to bedrooms)
  • Plastering / Painting


  • General garden clearance!